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Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Restorations in San Bernardino

In recent years, dental implants have come to the forefront of innovative restorative dentistry. At our Banning and San Bernardino dental practices, Dr. Amy Berhanu-Demissie and her team work closely with area oral surgeons to help patients achieve the best restorative solutions for missing teeth. Beginning with strategic treatment planning through to your final follow-up appointment, our San Bernardino dentist works closely with patients to develop treatment plans that comprehensively meet their needs. 

Selecting Your Dental Implant Restoration

Prior to receiving your dental implant, our dentist considers a number of factors to determine the most strategic implant restoration for your smile. These factors include:

Number of Teeth Being Replaced
The quantity of teeth needing replacement determines the type of restoration patients receive. In cases where only one tooth is missing patients can benefit from a single implant crown. In situations where more extensive restorative treatments are required, Dr. Berhanu-Demissie offers multiple-tooth restorations including fixed bridges and full arch implant-supported prosthetics. 

Depending on the number of teeth being replaced, it may be more financially strategic to use two or three implants to support a full-arch restoration. In these instances, our implant restoration dentist uses advanced technology to determine the most ideal placement of these implants and identify which multiple-tooth restoration is best suited to your needs. 

Existing Restorations
For some patients, dental implants are a healthy and cost-effective method of stabilizing existing restorations, such as full dentures. At our San Bernardino dental practice, our in-house lab technician can make the necessary adjustments to your existing denture to make it implant-compatible, allowing you to enjoy the stability and security of implants combined with the convenience of dentures. 

Available Implant Restoration Options

At Amy Berhanu-Demissie, DDS, we offer a number of implant restoration options tailored to meet your restorative, health, and aesthetic needs. By using advanced dental technology, such as intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays, our team is able to develop the best solution for your smile. Available implant restoration options at our San Bernardino dental office include:

- Single Crown Restorations, ideal in cases of a single missing or damaged tooth.
- Multiple Tooth Restorations such as Fixed Implant Bridges, recommended in cases of several missing teeth.
- Implant-Supported Dentures, recommended for cases of extensive tooth loss or extraction in an arch.

Schedule Your Implant Consultation Today

For more information about your implant restoration options, please contact our San Bernardino dentist today. Our team is dedicated to creating tailored solutions for your unique smile.