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Endodontics at Amy Berhanu Demissie, DDS

Preventive dental care can go a long way in protecting a patient’s smile from damage. However, routine wear, inconsistency in oral hygiene, and accidental damage to teeth can open the door for bacteria to accumulate. In more serious cases, bacteria can enter into the inner chamber of the tooth, infecting the dentin and significantly compromising a patient’s overall health. To help patients regain their oral health, Dr. Amy Berhanu Demissie of San Bernardino offers comprehensive endodontic treatments and restorations, ensuring improved health and function without sacrificing the aesthetics of your smile. 

What is Endodontic Therapy?

Better known as root canal therapy, this treatment is the best option for saving a tooth that has been infected. During a tooth infection, bacteria enter the tooth and begin to erode the dentin, eventually damaging the nerves. In more serious cases of untreated tooth infection, bacteria can pass the root and begins to create a cyst within jaw bone. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable, but the bacteria from this abscess can also spread to other organs in the body, presenting a serious risk to the patient’s overall health.

Removing the bacteria and damaged tissue as soon as possible is extremely important in order to protect a patient’s overall health and dental function. During endodontic treatment, our San Bernardino dentist uses specialized tools to create a small entrance into the tooth and remove the damaged tissue. The inner pulp chamber is then thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, and filled with a biocompatible material called gutta percha. Once the tooth has properly healed, patients return to our San Bernardino or Banning practice to receive their final restoration. 

Treatment following Root Canal Therapy

The type of restoration you receive after undergoing root canal therapy depends on the damage your tooth. In most cases, patients receive a porcelain crown that sits over the natural tooth. Crowns are designed to blend in naturally with surrounding teeth and reinforce the structural integrity of the damaged tooth. 

In some cases, a crown may not be sufficient treatment for a tooth that has experienced recurrent infection. For these situations, our San Bernardino dentist may recommend tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant to prevent future infection or damage. To provide our patients with consistent, comprehensive care, we work closely with leading oral surgeons to strategize the best implant placement and offer a number of dental implant restoration options. 

Experiencing Dental Pain? Contact Dr. Berhanu-Demissie Today

If you are experiencing toothaches, temperature sensitivity, tooth discoloration, or swelling near a painful tooth, you may be suffering from a tooth infection or abscess. Seeking immediate treatment can improve your chances of protecting your overall oral health and preventing further damage your dentition. 

At Amy Berhanu Demissie, DDS, our San Bernardino and Banning dental practices offer root canal therapy and comprehensive restorative treatments to help return your smile to full health and function. For more information about our available services, contact our team today.